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We recommend that wherever possible, claims are submitted via the My Medicash App. This can be downloaded on to most smartphones and tablets from the App Store and Google Play. The My Medicash App not only allows you to quickly and easily submit your claims but also provides you with quick access to other features of your policy such as our mindfulness meditations. The App also enables you to keep your policy details up to date. These features are only available through the app and cannot be accessed online.

If you are unable to download the My Medicash app, please use the form below to submit your claim. If you are unable to use the app or the form below, your claim will need to be submitted by post.

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Please note some of the benefits detailed below may not be available on your Medicash plan.

You should always consult your benefit table to see which benefits are covered or call customer services on 0151 702 0265.

If you are submitting a claim for Dental Accident, Birth of a Child, Personal Accident or Broken Bones you should call our office on 0151 702 0265’

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